Visualizing Sound

To make a long story short, any time we want to measure somethig, first we like to "see it". As we know, sound impact our hearnig but not our sight, Therefore we can hear the sond but we can not see it.

One way in which we will be able to measure sound will be by converting the invisible sound waves in visible pictures. How do you suggest we do so?

We will use a microphone, that will work as our ears, converting the mechanical vibrations into electrical impulses (or signals) and we will use a tool called "Oscilloscope" that will record the changes in the electrical signals in time on

We will use a virtual oscilloscope to be able to see your voice. This virtual oscilloscope will use the microphone of your computer as the input.

Click here to see a short tutorial that explain how the oscilloscope works How an oscilloscope works

Also, during this experience you will use a tool called "Virtual Oscilloscope". Here is a short tutorial to discover its basic functions.

Now you are ready to use the virtual oscilloscope to see your voice, the voices of your friends and any sound you can produce close to the computer

Please click on the Oscilloscope to open virtual oscilloscope.

Lets identify sound by their shape in the oscilloscope and the sound it produces.
Click Here to compare sounds

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