Measuring sound using the spectrum analyser

For this introduction of what is the Spectrum Analyzer, we will use a phone application called "Spectroid". Download this application on your phone or tablet.

Please watch the video

Click here to see a short introduction how to use the Spectrum Analyzer Spectroid

Now that you know how to use the spectrum analyzer lets make our first experiment. Lets investigate if the sound you produces is composed by several harmonics, and if there is a pattern between these harmonics. Follow the following directions

1- Sample with the spectrum analyzer your voice. Produce a constant vocal sound such as AAAA or EEEE
and sample it with the spectrum analyzer Spectroid. Set the screen to be able to measure the frequencies of the harmonics

2- Open the spread sheet in Google Sheet presented in the link. Make a copy of the google sheet and change the name by adding your name (do not work in the original) The new file will be accessible to the instructor in the drive

Click here to open the Google Sheet

3- Complete the Table#1 by typing the frequency of the harmonics of your voice

4- Make a graph of the frequency (dependent variable) in function of the number of harmonic (independent variable)

5- Find if there is a relationship between the number of the harmonic and their frequency. If you find any pattern and its mathematic relationship between the harmonics of the voice and the frequencies, describe it in google sheet

6- Make another sound with your voice with a different fundamental frequency and check if the pattern you find before still is happening with the new sound. Place your findings in the google sheet.

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