Sampling a String Instrument

As we did in the previous excercise, now we will sample the harmonics component of a string instrument.
To sample the string, you will play the video with the pluck of the open string of a guitar, and will sample the harmonics component of the sound produced by the string using the Spectroid app.
Click Here to open video with the sample of the string, play the video and sample the sound with the Spectroid app

Open the google sheet String Guitar Sample to record the frequencies of the harmonics present in the string instrument. Make a copy of the document and cheange the name by adding your name.

Write the values of the frequencies for each harmonic. Look at the values of the frequencies and see if there is a recognizable pattern.

Make a graph (scatter plot) between the Harmoic number (x axis) and their frequencies (y axis).

Is there a pattern???

Is the pattern the same of the pattern of the human voice???

If it is so, how can be the reason of the similarity between the pattern of the human voice and the pattern of the string?

Add your conclusions on the spread sheet for the instructor to have access to your ideas regarding the patterns in the string instrument.

When you finish click on the bottom right arrow to move to the next experiment - Finding the relationship between the length of the string and the frequency it produces.